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As a law student, you must be aware of the importance of contract law in our daily lives. It touches every aspect of human interaction beyond personal relations.

As a firm, we take upon ourselves the challenge of safeguarding the interests of the most vulnerable ones when they enter into formal legal relationships.

The first step is to spread the awareness of the importance of contract law, its essentials, and it's relevance in our daily interactions.

We are seeking someone who can answer the questions posted on our Forum section and participate in contract law-related discussions, and write good quality blog articles.

This way, we can give free access to valuable legal information to people to whom access to such information is either not readily available or if available is not financially viable.
In addition to legal research, writing, answering questions, and participating in discussions; we can further serve the neediest by conducting webinars, seminars, workshops, camps, training, creating model templates, and even consulting.

Needless to say, it is all voluntary and the end goal is to proactively safeguard the interests of those who can't afford legal advice.

We can't quantify the value addition in the whole process but one thing is sure we can make it a little safer for millions from being exploited for lack of knowledge, skills on the subject.  Is it something that you can take up as a challenge?

Have you studied Indian Contract Act, 1882 as a subject?

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