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How We Can Help You

Contract Paper Signing


End-to end Contract Life Cycle Management Advisory

The Legal Watch has an excellent team of Commerical Contracting professionals from diverse industries. We can provide you end-to-end Contract Life Cycle Management support including:

  • Pre-Signature Consulting

    • Bidding

    • Drafting

    • Review

    • Negotiation

  • Post-Signature Consulting

    • Contract Repository Creation & Maintenance

    • Obligation Compliance

    • Change Management

    • Work Order Management

    • Performance Management (SLAs)

    • Financial Management (Invoice Validation, Credit & Penalities)

    • Closure & Renewal

    • Litigation & Arbitration 


Contract Life Cycle Management Trainings

We’ve been imparting commercial contracts training to law students, corporate professionals on drafting, review, and negotiations as well as post-signature Contract Management since 2017.

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Staff Augmentation

The Legal Watch has a trained pool of Commercial Contracting Professionals with varied experience levels to help you with your staffing requirements to manage tight schedules.

Whether you want to hire a temporary resource to meet a specific project requirement or you want to outsource a part of your existing Contract Portfolio for a longer term to focus on your strategic goals; we are just a call away.

Would you like to set up an introduction? Drop us a message.

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