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“SketchUp is an industry-leading 3D modeling and design application that supports the design process for residential and commercial clients. SketchUp is a powerful modeling, rendering, and storytelling tool that is easy to learn, easily customizable, and instantly updatable. You get the most from SketchUp with hands-on learning for the most important aspects of 3D modeling and editing – layout, modeling, rendering, and storytelling.”SketchUp 2019 is a new release of SketchUp. Using 2018’s RenderMan and SpeedTree export formats, users will be able to import directly into SketchUp with much improved support for multiple renders and support for node-based VSEs.“The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review a tough question involving possession of gerrymandered maps by officials in North Carolina. If the justices decide to hear the case it could lead to a ruling on whether the maps can be used in the 2020 presidential election.”Authors: Mona Elliott and Gregory CederholmThis is not the first time we have provided you with news about Gerrymandering. This is a controversy that has engulfed the state of Florida. The current governor, Ron DeSantis has been accused of taking a pro-Republican gerrymander on the map and even getting it certified by the Florida Supreme Court.In 2016, the Florida Legislature redrew the 6 congressional districts in such a way that the incumbent representatives were re-elected by a slim margin. Republican and incumbent Governor Rick Scott were credited with being the driving force behind this controversial law, and with the new districts being law, they were easily re-elected. Democrats have argued that gerrymandering has been going on since long before Scott or DeSantis were in politics.“Electoral Redistricting” is a term used to describe the process of redrawing the boundaries of electoral districts to try to create a balance between the needs of each political party. Unfortunately, it is a political issue and left to the judgement of the States and the federal government. In order to achieve a fair and balanced vote, some states will end up with more representatives on one political party than the other.“Gerrymandering” refers to a political practice of redistricting a political subdivision, such as a district or a state or other electoral district, so as to enhance the chances of a partisan advantage for one of the political parties by minimizing or cance 08929e5ed8


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